Welcome to The Petite Silhouette!

For those of you reading that have probably ventured here from Tumblr, it’s nice to see you! Thank you for checking out my blog and I hope to continue seeing you here.

For those of you who have never met me, I thought I would do a mini introduction. I am currently a senior in high school who is stressing out about everything, but I’m trying to keep it together. Fashion is something that always brightens my days and is my favorite mode of self-expression. After attending college, I aspire to work in the fashion industry somewhere whether that be through buying, merchandising, or just blogging. Now for some fun facts:

1. I worked as a fashion blogger for Nordstrom’s BP Fashion Blog.

2. I am extremely short! Hence, The Petite Silhouette.

3. Musical theater is my life. I am currently in my school’s production with a lead role.

4. I love photography even though I’m not that great at it.

5. My favorite season is fall.

6. I am obsessed with buying/wearing hats even though I never really wear them because it’s against school dress code.

7. I can’t wait to get out of my own city.

8. My parents immigrated from Korea at a young age, so I was born here. I don’t speak any Korean, but I wish I could.

9. I am eating (and enjoying) pizza rolls as I write this post. EDIT: Now I’m eating chicken nuggets. (You should take this as something along the lines of the following: I eat whatever I feel like, I have the diet of a 12 year old, etc.)

10. I can’t think of any more facts, but I’m anal and can’t have just nine facts, so this is number ten.

See you all soon!




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